Geographical Society of Philadelphia

Winners of our Travel-Photo Contest!

The Geographical Society of Philadelphia is pleased to announce the winners of our 2016 Travel Photo Contest!



1st – Vera Hershenberg – “Woman in Window

2nd – Susan Albert – “Down Time at the Rodeo

3rd – Susan Albert – “Sikh



1st – Jim Cheney – “Portland Head Light

2nd – Jim Cheney – “Little Round Top Sunset

3rd – Vera Hershenberg – “Metropole Parasol, Seville



1st – Thomas Conway– “Galapagos Islands Ship

2nd – Alyce Stick – “Yellowstone Big Horn Sheep

3rd – Alyce Stick – “Waterton (Canada) Fire Hydrant


We thank all contestants so very much for their interest and participation in the contest, and for their wonderful photos capturing people, places, and perspectives from all corners of the world. Come out to our next Marco Polo Networking Night to meet our winners and see their photos in person. You can also view these – and all contest entries – on Flickr.

The Society is also deeply grateful to our judges, Tom Tauber, Owen Biddle, and Robert Fleischer, who volunteered their time and expertise.