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As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, the Geographical Society depends on and appreciates your time and expertise. You can choose from the many ways to give in support of our mission.

The Committees of the Geographical Society

Board President: Dr. Jill Weber
Executive Director: Dilek Karabucak
Officers: Alyce Stick (Vice President), Nancy Callan (Treasurer), Valeria Khmelnitsky (Secretary),
Board of Directors: Amy Shelanski, Dawn Willis, Joseph Marro, Mary Carroll Donahoe, Maureen Coyle, Gabriela Cesarino, Margarita Mirkil.
Chair of Development and Membership Committee: Alyce Stick
Taking this position requires one to work with overseeing Corporate/Foundation grant campaigns. They shall also develop strategies for increased donations and fundraising. One shall seek and develop sponsorships. Lastly, define membership levels, benefits, and partnerships. Holding this chair requires overseeing membership development and retention.
Chair of Education Committee: Mary Carroll Donahoe
As Chair of Education one would be working on our GEO Bowl event. The responsibility includes creating the educational component of the competition.
Chair of Finance Committee: Nancy Callan
Holding this chair requires a trustworthy personality and hands-on work with our accounts. One shall oversee all financial matters such as Accounting, Taxes, Financial Statements, and Budgeting.
Chair of Nominating Committee: Valeria Khmelnitsky
The Chair of the Nominating Committee must make decisions when concerning nominating officers and board members. They shall also take on the role of reviewing terms.
Chair of Programs and Marketing Committee: Joseph Marro
As Chair of Programs and Marketing Committee, one would be working to investigate, assess, and develop season’s programs and events. Events such as Marco Polo, and Annual Legacy Awards.
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If you are interested in planned giving to the Geographical Society, please contact us by phone at 610-649-5220.