Geographical Society of Philadelphia

Support the Geographical Society of Philadelphia

The Geographical Society of Philadelphia (GEO) depends on and appreciates your generous gifts which further its mission to promote the discovery and appreciation of the many wonders of our world and to support world exploration by presenting enlightening programs on travel, geography, science, history, exploration, and world cultures to its members and the public in the Philadelphia area. 

Your gift to the Society is fully tax-deductible. You can support GEO in several ways:

Contributing Membership 

Support GEO with your tax-deductible membership donation which provides you with special pricing on individual event tickets and numerous member benefits.  

Click here for information on membership levels and benefits and to become a Contributing Member, or call 610-649-5220.

Donations to Operations

Your unrestricted gift (in any amount) directly to GEO’s Operations will go to work immediately to fund the Society’s programs and general activities and may be expended at any time at the discretion of the Board of Directors.  

Click here to donate online, or call 610-649-5220.

Permanent Endowed Gifts

Your permanent endowed gift (in any amount) is invested with the Society’s restricted Permanent Endowment Fund. The annual income from this Fund supports GEO’s ongoing operations. Because the principal remains intact, the Fund (and your gift) will generate ongoing support for GEO’s future operations. 

You can join GEO’s illustrious founders and earliest benefactors, beginning with the generous gift from past president and explorer Henry Grier Bryant in 1914, to build on this Fund which will help to sustain GEO in perpetuity.

Click here to make a permanently endowed gift to the Society, or call 610-649-5220.