Geographical Society of Philadelphia

Event Series

Our event series is a great way to meet other explorers for socializing, networking, sharing, and learning. 

Marco Polo Networking Nights showcase the visual splendor of travel through photography. As a courtesy of our members and friends sharing their trips and memories, the evening includes presentations by a variety of hosts, and Tom Tauber, whose renowned travel-photographer.  

Travel Junkies events are informal and focused on the thrill of travel, and are fast-paced. Open to all who have photos on a thumb drive, guests share stories and pictures.

Border Crossings are conversations geared toward current events and cultural understanding. We strive to bring individuals with unique perspectives and intimate knowledge of people, a place, or an event that is in the news.

Annual Legacy Event – Explorer of the Year Award  Since 1891, we have been annually honoring an “Explorer of the Year”.  We elect the nominee based on their work crossing boundaries in their own successful and very worthy example of our mission.  The special Cecilia Beaux pin has previously been awarded to Robert Peary, Theodore Roosevelt, Neil Armstrong, Diana Nyad, and Derrick Pitts – to name just a few.