Geographical Society of Philadelphia

Marco Polo Networking Night

February 21, 2018 at 6:30pm
Positano Coast, 212 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, 19106
(Street parking or lot on 2nd Street between Chestnut and Walnut Streets.)

Travels in Northern Sudan. 
From today’s capital of Khartoum north through the Western Desert to the foot of Jebel Barkal, the Holy Mountain of Nubian Pharaohs, and as far north as the 3rd cataract, Sherry Carr and her group, at times camping in the desert, explored numerous archeological sites from Nubian, Pharaonic, Merotic, Christian and Ottoman periods in this fascinating but not so well known region of the ancient world.  Stops in agricultural communities along the Nile and in nomad communities in the surrounding deserts showed ways of life not so changed from ancient times.  This 11 day adventure also included UNESCO sites of Napata and the necropolis of Nuri and the iconic pyramids of Meroe. Visits to local markets, the Mahdi’s tomb, a traditional Nubian wrestling tournament and a Sufi ceremony all represent colorful samples of life in this 3rd largest African country.

A visit to Lebanon and war-torn Syria. Join us to better understand the cultural dynamics of the Middle East. Anne Grauer spent a week in Lebanon visiting schools for refugee children and four days in Syria visiting communities struggling with the effects of the war. She will share her personal reflections on the resilience and resourcefulness of people in crisis.

A trip to Slovenia and the Dalmatian Coast. Lured by the “Cowball,” a celebration when literally the cows come home from the high pastures into the rural valleys of northern Slovenia, Tom Tauber and Grace Schuler traveled from Munich to Bolzano, and then via the Dolomites to Lake Bled in the northwest corner of Slovenia. On the spur of the moment they decided to drive down the Dalmatian Coast via Piran and Split to sunny Dubrovnik.

We are a networking group of active travelers who meet approximately four times a year in the Philadelphia area to share information and photographs about our trips. Our purpose is to help each other find new places to travel to, and to pass on our experiences so our fellow travelers can benefit from them.

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