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Marco Polo

We are a group of active travelers who meet throughout the year in the Philadelphia area to share photographs, stories, experiences, and tips about our numerous trips. We look forward to hearing your story!

Stay tuned for the next edition of Marco Polo, coming up on September 10, 2019!

South India: Kerala and Tamil Nadu by Susan Feagin,

A Barge Trip in France by John Wetzel

Masked Pastorela Dances of Mexico by Tom Tauber. 

We had a great time exploring Italy with fellow travelers and explorers, showcasing their recent visits to the Maremma, Puglia, and Sardinia – in pictures!
The last edition of Marco Polo was on March 27, 2019 at Positano Coast by Aldo Lamberti!

Art Restoration in Puglia, presented by Holly Marro

Holly traveled through Puglia to participate in an art restoration and conservation workshop – where she helped restore ancient mosaics (see image above)! Hear and see all about her immersive experience in the art, history, food, and culture of this rich region – Italy’s “heel”!

Sardinia – A Festival and Bronze Age History, presented by Tom Tauber

The Italian Island of Sardinia lies in the Western Mediterranean, northwest of Sicily. Every May 1, its capital, Cagliari, celebrates the Feast of St. Efizio, a Roman Christian martyr who supposedly saved the city from the plague in the middle ages. The feast is celebrated with a procession of over 10,000 people from all over the island, dressed in their finest traditional costumes. Earlier history on the island dates back over 3000 years, marked by the stone forts called “Nuragi,” one of which is a UNESCO world-heritage site.

The ancient land of Tuscany – the Maremma, presented by Jill Weber

The Maremma is found in Southern Tuscany, roughly halfway between Florence and Rome, on the Tyrhennian Coast. This land is home to beaches, rocky cliffs, wildlife, wine, Romans, and Etruscans! Jill travels to the region every June for archaeological excavations. Let her share what she has found!  

Enjoy socializing with fellow explorers, a meal, and a glass of wine.

Meet Your Host!

Marco Polo events are now hosted by long-time GEO member and board member, Alyce Stick.  Alyce is an avid photographer and traveler, who has explored a lot of our world. Join Alyce during these special evenings where, in her words, “The sublime marriage of travel and photography creates the opportunity to beautifully blend experience, geography, people and cultures, in a personal art form shareable with others.” 

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