Geographical Society of Philadelphia

Border Crossings

What is “Border Crossings”?

Join us to explore people, places, and cultures that are in the news!

‘Border Crossings’ aims to humanize people and places around the world through substantive presentations and conversations with those intimate with the cultures…to encourage active discussion and meaningful dialogue, in a casual setting, limited seating.


Border Crossings is hosted by archaeologist and GEO President, Jill Weber, Ph.D. Jill worked in Syria for over 15 years, and also excavated in Turkey, Armenia, and Oman. She currently is involved in projects in Iraq and Italy. In addition to her archaeological work, Jill, a wine connoisseur also owns three restaurants in Philadelphia: Jet Wine Bar, Rex 1516, and Cafe Ynez.

Last Border Crossings Event…

Changing Landscape of Modern Day Turkey — Is Turkey Still a Democratic Republic?”

GEO’s 128th season opened with an introduction to our new Executive Director, Dilek Karabucak. Dee received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Marmara University in Istanbul Turkey. After she moved to Philadelphia, she pursued a Master’s of Business Administration degree in Marketing/International Business at Drexel University, and Project Management/Team Leadership certificate from Temple University.

As a native of Turkey, she has witnessed tremendous changes in the country’s political and social landscape. There is no question that the country’s history is complicated. And in the past decade, many are questioning whether democracy can be maintained.

Limited seats available.