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Saving Our Cultural Heritage – Dr. Jonathan Bell

Discover with our guest speaker Dr. Jonathan S. Bell, fascinating images and hear inside stories of the World Monuments Fund’s (WMF) accomplishments in saving our cultural heritage.
Wednesday, October 26, 2022 | 6:30-8:30 PM | The Racquet Club of Philadelphia

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Our Partners and Sponsors

The Geographical Society of Philadelphia sincerely thanks all partners and friends. Past and current supporters  include:    The Frederick and Colette B. Heldring Charitable Fund – for their continuous support of GEO’s educational programs.  American Philosophical Society  Pyramid Club Philadelphia   The Union League of Philadelphia  Historic Gloria Dei (Old Swedes’) Preservation[…]

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Exploration Through Cultural Exchange

The mission of the Geographical Society of Philadelphia is to promote the discovery and appreciation of the many wonders of our world. The Society, since 1819 has been supporting world exploration by presenting enlightening programs on travel, geography, science, history, exploration, and world cultures to its members and the public in the Philadelphia area.

Early in 1891, the eminent Curator-in-charge at the Academy of Natural Sciences invited interested men and women to join him in forming the Geographical Club of Philadelphia. A year later, Professor Angelo Heilprin (1853-1907)‘s new science club had over a hundred members from many walks of life. (“Society” replaced “Club” in 1897). The Charter of April 1893 summed up ambitious goals: the advancement of the science of geography and of geographical studies and exploration; the recording of discoveries; and the presentation of researches.



October 12, 2022 Marco Polo Travelogue: Tibet, China, Buddhist Festivals

October 26, 2022 Guest speaker Dr. Jonathan Bell, World Monument and Cultural Heritage  

November 10, 2022 – Open House/Welcome at Jezabel’s, Modern Expression of North Western Argentine Traditions

November  15, 2022 Guest speaker Linda Leaming’s Bhutan – Living in Bhutan is like getting a PhD in compassion, kindness, tolerance, living simply, accepting yourself no matter what idiocy you get up to

January 10, 2023 Marco Polo Travelogue: When the Worlds Connect – Eastern EU, Middle East and Americas.

March 9, 2023 Guest speaker Eric Weiner at the American Philosophical Society. 

April 2023 Panel Discussion – Preservation: architecture, cultures, and urbanism, at the Carpenters’ Hall. 

May 2023 Annual Legacy Event



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