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Marco Polo

Join fellow travelers to share colorful adventures, stunning photos, and excellent company!

We are a group of active travelers who meet throughout the year in the Philadelphia area to share photographs, stories, experiences, and tips about our numerous trips. We look forward to hearing your story!
The next edition of Marco Polo is coming up on November 28, 2018!

Weavers and Whale Hunters of Indonesia by Tom Tauber and Grace Schuler

Cruising on a sailing ship from island to island in Indonesia’s Lesser-Sunda archipelago, Tom Tauber and Grace Schuler visited remote villages where women still use traditional spinning, yarn dying and weaving techniques to create extraordinarily beautiful textiles. The small group they traveled with was welcomed everywhere with traditional dances. One village sustains itself by harpooning whales from canoes, one of the very few indigenous groups in the world that are allowed to hunt for otherwise protected whales and other large sea mammals.

Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falklands by Roger and Meg Berlin

Join Roger and Meg Berlin as they show their photos and videos of their recent trip aboard the National Geographic Orion to Antarctica, South Georgia, and the Falklands.  You’ll be awed by the grandeur of the ice, the mountains, and the wildlife in their natural habitat, and by the history of whaling and Ernest Shackelton, the famed explorer.




Meet Your New Host!

Marco Polo events are now hosted by long-time GEO member and board member, Alyce Stick.  Alyce is an avid photographer and traveler, who has explored a lot of our world. Join Alyce during these special evenings where, in her words, “The sublime marriage of travel and photography creates the opportunity to beautifully blend experience, geography, people and cultures, in a personal art form shareable with others.” 

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