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Since 1891, The Geographical Society of Philadelphia has honored such world famous explorers as Theodore Roosevelt, Jacques Cousteau and Robert E. Peary. We couldn’t have sponsored their expeditions and brought you their discoveries without the generous support of members like you.

To thank you for your continued support The Geographical Society of Philadelphia hosts exclusive events that offer it’s members behind the scenes discoveries of our legacy, our archives, with personal access to our dedicated team of board members, staff, and explorers.

This year, we will offer our members an unprecedented entree into the world of far away cultures, with a more intimate opportunity to socialize with fellow members. These exclusive evenings will be hosted by our board members whose passions, careers and endeavors will take you across the globe.

Step Inside Iran with Parisa Abdollahi

3d7ff4a928ebc0cbc2ddd5c038801a73 Our newest board member, Parisa Abdollahi invites you into the world of the Quashqai. Known for weaving the most exquisite carpets in the world, this small tribe of the 400,000 Qashqa’i of southwestern Iran still are pastoral nomads.

Weavers of highly desired Persian rugs, the Qashqai people possess a history and culture rich in both struggle and inspiration. It is the combination of these two elements which give their exquisite rugs their unusual sense of spontaneity and brilliance.

Listen as Parisa tells us the story of her family’s heritage, and enjoy a delicious home made stew prepared by Parisa’s mother.

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Recent Members Only Events

Cultural Heritage in the Middle East: War and Identity by Salam al-Kuntar

13939460_1066392773398041_1552654877549585666_nSyrian Archeologist Salam al-Kuntar joined the Geographical Society for a discussion of preserving heritage in a time of war at the Pyramid Club.

Al-Kuntar left her native Syria in 2012, coming to The University of Pennsylvania where she co-directs the Safeguarding the Heritage of Syria and Iraq Initiative.Β  Our members enjoyed an intimate cocktail reception at this prestigious club, and had an exclusive opportunity to learn how leading institutions across the world collaborated to safeguard and rescue the most important cultural artifacts and world heritage sites from destruction by ISIS.